Our vision.

Change starts from within.

We started our own journey with the power of storytelling and content creation and learned that it is a springboard to so much more. We have formed a network of collaborators to break away from tired conventions and static world views so that we can collectively lay down the tracks for our clients' ambitions.

Together with them, we produce remarkable outcomes that move people, the planet and profits. We know that these things can take time and often require a leap of faith and a readiness to take bold action. But in this accelerating, tech-driven world, the cost of inaction can be a higher price to pay.

For us, change is intentional and positive. We acknowledge its restless nature, and we move with it. It's an evolution—change in the making—that we mobilise to bring our clients' vision to life.

Our beliefs.

We believe difference adds unique value. Our culture of cooperation and respectful communication is important to us. We love building relationships – we think that’s why our longstanding clients trust us with their business year after year.

Meet Meesta

Martin Reiher

Martin Reiher

Co-Founder & Managing Director

With his many years in media and production and being a music composer, Martin naturally blends creativity and business. He is an avid design thinker, which makes him focus on connecting and empowering people.

He founded Meesta in 2017 to enable organisations to seize growth opportunities in an ever-changing market landscape with shifting consumer behaviours. Since then, he has built Meesta's portfolio with numerous brands and partnerships across the planet.

Martin has done public speaking, published articles and has appeared on several podcasts. He is a strong advocate for leadership through positive change and creative problem-solving in business and beyond.

Joerg Becker

Chief Business Development Officer

Joerg is a senior executive and a business leader with a strong track record and a proven ability to manage multi-million-dollar budgets for more than two decades.

He has the expertise to drive and maximize efficiency and profit improvements through his rich experience in hiring, developing and  strengthening multidisciplinary leadership teams, including cross-functional coaching and mentoring.

Jörg Becker
Stephan Schnee

Stephan Schnee

Creative Director

Stephan has a background in motion design, video editing and directing short format content. He has spent over twelve years working on interdisciplinary projects, conceptualising ideas and creating films for promotional and marketing campaigns. He has experience working with sports, fashion & lifestyle and media brands.

From proposal to project delivery, he is involved in every step of the way. Stephan will ensure the creative vision and execution are aligned with client goals, as well as customer needs. He can guarantee consumer-focussed, progressive work that helps businesses increase revenue, expand brand awareness and connect to a broader audience.