Dominic Thiem.

An intimate story about resilience in trying times and overcoming difficulties on the path to success. Together with Dominic Thiem and Red Bull, we created an emotionally relevant piece which resonates with audiences during times of high uncertainty.

Red Bull
Social Media
Story, Production, Post-Production

Make people care.

Instead of following the tried formula of glorious success streaks, we dive deep into the emotional sphere of the pro athlete. We uncover the hardship and the emotional resilience he had to build on his way to the top.

"I have played a 150 tournaments in my life, and I won 17 out of them. So, that means that 133 times, I lost."

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What lies beyond victories?

Today's audiences look for purpose and meaning more readily and deeply than previous generations. This rings especially true for Red Bull's young and aspirational followers. Recognising Dominic Thiem's drive to go beyond career victories in life, we found the opportunity to connect his story with the audience at an even deeper level. This short documentary spurred engagement across Red Bull's own channels as well as through social media.

Fun fact: The title "Ready to Serve" has a double meaning. Despite its meaning in tennis, it captures a personal desire of Dominic to do good in the world.

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