Hyatt Resorts.

The Hyatt resorts in Da Nang and Kuantan wanted to drive awareness to their respective properties. The focus was to attract young expat travellers living in South East Asia, who would love to explore the region's natural and cultural gems while enjoying luxury hospitality.

Hyatt Resorts
Social Media
Ideation, Concept, Video, Sound


The target audience for this project was specific. That allowed us to formulate a narrative that would directly pin-point a vast number of things likely to excite the audience. 

We chose a romantic couple to portray the experience. Together they explore the gems of Da Nang and Kuantan, from culinary highlights of the local cuisine to rich historical sights and stunning nature views. Seen through their eyes, we created a sense of adventure and joyful exploration. This approach aligned the audience’s desires with the brand’s objective perfectly.

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A romantic adventure.

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Exploring local culture.

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"Professional and creative. Takes time to understand objectives and desired outcomes and translating that into beautiful story-telling."
Siew Hoon Yeoh, Founder of WiT