World of Hyatt.

Hyatt planned to drive awareness for the new release of their mobile app. The main focus was to show members the new key features and their ease of use along the customer journey.

Social Media
Ideation, Concept, Video, Motion Design, Art Direction, Sound Design


We visualised the app’s UI in 3D motion graphics to show its natural integration into the user experience. Our goal was to create a sense of effortlessness and address how comfortably users can navigate the app while doing whatever they do during their day.

The redesigned World of Hyatt app seamlessly integrates into its users’ daily lives, making it easy to book, navigate or manage a trip comfortably and when on-the-go.

The critical line was 'on-the-go’, so we created relatable and straightforward moments in which the app features would highlight the user benefits.

We set a warm and friendly tone that transpired Hyatt's customer-focused dedication as a hospitality brand. The vibe we established adds to that, feeling fresh and somewhat casual, instead of feeling commercial and distant.

After a hugely successful roll-out of the campaign, Hyatt decided to expand it across different markets by adapting each individual area’s content.

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Making it feel easy.

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Behind the scenes.

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"Professional and creative. Takes time to understand objectives and desired outcomes and translating that into beautiful story-telling."
Siew Hoon Yeoh, Founder of WiT