Porsche SCOPES

SCOPES is a space where art, music and technology meet. It's Porsche's innovative way to engage customers beyond their core. We forged this regional campaign to attract a new audience while endorsing Porsche's core values. In focus, three female artists representing Porsche's key target markets: NARELLE KHENG (Singapore), RAMENGVRL (Indonesia) and JESS CONNELLY (Philippines).

Social Media
Concept, Art Direction, Content

Finding common ground is key to engaging people.

Porsche's Taycan model is the brand's latest release in the race toward leadership in e-mobility.
And what does e-mobility have to do with art and music? Purpose!

It's the connective tissue between the two worlds and the best way to blend them meaningfully. We engaged with three young female artists to talk about their approach to their creative work and the bigger picture surrounding it. Their voice brings the overarching vision of a better future and Porsche's core values to life.

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Openness and authenticity set things in motion.

The artists allowed us a personal and intimate look into their lives. That's what drives the story and the impact on the viewer. The campaign boosted awareness and engagement in the APAC region and contributed to Porsche's perception and evolution as a brand.

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